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CCO – the Collaboration Company – specialises in business coaching.

We understand business culture, strategy, leadership and management. Yet, we know that what truly makes your business tick is your people: how they communicate, interact and apply the knowledge they have.

We coach your people to be the best version of themselves, because optimum performance requires people being the best they can be. Skilful communication is the greatest contributor to a high-performance business but they’re anything but ‘soft skills’. 83% of your work based frustrations in any given week can be linked to ineffective communication.

Each of our coaches are experienced and trained in leadership and management roles with leading-edge training on how brain science can be used to enhance work-place performance. 

Behaviour impacts outcomes. The logic is inescapable: how we act, interact and react influences engagement, loyalty, commitment and performance. This holds true within your business and how your team behave externally with customers and suppliers.


We develop competence and confidence supported with can-do attitudes

Blending management skills with behavioural science

Our one-to-one and team-based Coaching Programmes are tailored to develop a range of leadership, management, supervisory, or team-leader skills – depending on the role. People often progress based on their success in previous roles. We look out for, and address, the ‘upward obstacles’: bringing part of their previous role with them and the management-skill-gap. This often involves coaching to effectively manage a team and further developing their confidence in areas such as planning, prioritising, delegation and managing competing demands on their time.  

It’s important to have ‘result producers’ – those individuals who just make it happen! Yet, outstanding results shouldn’t come with the cost of disrespectful communication or inappropriate behaviour or negative attitude. Our team of coaches are highly trained in workplace behaviour. We can support your team modify habits and behaviour that don’t work without compromising the results they achieve.  


We change habits that don't work and create mindsets that do

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