Our client portfolio spans a range of sectors and sizes, but the support they need is strikingly similar.  

The businesses we work with require clarity regarding future plans – the Strategy. Once clear, the Structure within the organization must ensure these plans are delivered.  

The Structure in any business needs People, each of whom are clear on their accountability, management remit and deliverables/outputs. The Processes they have in place – including support – enable People, within the Structure to deliver the Strategy.

These quadrants capture the essence of the support we provide to each client – irrespective of sector or size. 

The nature of the work we undertake with each client is, without exception, confidential. We work ‘off-site’ with several clients on sensitive issues – often related to developments regarding Strategy and Structure – protected through Non-Disclosure Agreements. 

A selection of our clients 

We work with clients in the Banking, Professional Services and Air & Sea Transport sectors. We also work with:

Fane Valley Group of Companies:

Linden Foods, Whites Speedicook Ltd, Fane Valley Feeds, Fane Valley Stores

Keystone Group of Companies

Mannok (formerly Quinn Group)

Specialist Joinery Group


Re-Gen Waste Management 

CGDM Group

Jubilee Veterinary 

Harvey Group

GEDA Construction