Our Coaching Programmes are designed to support those in Executive Leadership roles, Senior Management, Mid-Level Management and Supervisory roles. These are tailored to provide individual professional development for each individual aligned with the needs of the business. Often involving 360 feedback, our coaching framework identifies gaps in competency, communication, confidence and behavioural attributes. These become the area of focus during the Coaching programme.

Our entry level Supervisory Management and Junior Management Coaching support can be provided to small groups combined with structured group training and workplace mentoring.

Leadership and Management

We have extensive experience working with individuals and groups in developing leadership and management competence. Acquiring knowledge is, in itself, not the most effective metric to gauge true development. Our focus is to support the application of learning in the workplace using a series of tried, trusted and value adding techniques, toolkits and approaches. Our deep-rooted understanding of brain science and human behaviour is paramount in supporting clients effectively apply their knowledge with work colleagues and their team members.

The Leadership Excellence Programme is a bespoke 9 month programme, designed by us and approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management. Created with senior level executives in mind, LEP is a public course running several times a year in Ireland and UK.

Performance Culture

A shift in culture occurs when language and behaviour both changes. Without exception, each of our clients have a need to develop the culture of performance within their team, department or across their business. We have a practical, step-by-step approach to improving the performance of individuals and teams. This starts by creating absolute clarity on performance outcomes and concludes only when the structure for measuring outcomes and providing support are embedded. Our approach ensures that people are clear on what is expected and that performance outcomes are aligned with broader departmental and business objectives. We ensure that outcomes are reasonable, achievable and that a structure is established to provide feedback and support each individual ‘win’.


Where people work together, the potential for conflict and disagreement exists.  This is often between individuals but it can show up in tension between departments or stakeholders who need to work more collaboratively.

Our Business coaches are skilled at mediation in the workplace.  Combining our knowledge and experience within businesses with our expertise on behaviour, we quickly get to the root of the issue.  We coach and train individuals and teams to resolve concerns, move beyond legacy issues and upset to work agreeably and with respect.

We work with you to make your company perform better