At CCO we understand business culture, leadership, management, and the behaviour of human beings in the workplace.

Using the Six Agreements of Collaboration, we will create a strategy to build a strong foundation that will lead to a high performing organisation.

What does a high performance organisation look like?

Having a strong foundation is an important baseline for any business. High performing businesses – irrespective of size or the sector within which they operate – have some defining attributes. We know these and support companies to embed them in the fabric of their business:

  • A clear idea of where they are ‘now’ and where they want to get to in the ‘future’
  • Business goals that are clear, measurable and get delivered
  • Individuals who come together as teams – each of whom are clear on their responsibilities and how their success is measured
  • People who are motivated, take ownership and who communicate with respect

Four Quadrants 2 jpg

Our work will ensure that your business has clarity regarding future plans – the ‘Strategy’. Once clear, the ‘Structure’ within the organization must be clear, uncomplicated and understood to ensure these plans are delivered.  The Structure in any business needs populated with People, each of whom are clear on their accountability, management remit and deliverables/outputs. The Processes they have in place – including support – enable People, within the Structure to deliver the Strategy.

These quadrants capture the essence of the baseline support we provide to each client – many already have this in place.  Once established and clear, we work with your people to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to do their job effectively producing outcomes aligned with clear business objectives. A central component of this is the skillful use of Six Agreements that Make Your Workplace Work.  

The Six Agreements of Collaboration

Agreements of Collaboration to The Six Agreements that Make Your Workplace Work.

When implemented, the Six Agreements that Make Your Workplace Work create a culture of teamwork, responsibility, and productivity. Communication is clear. People take ownership. They prevents teams from just muddling through, rather people are empowered with a set of tools which help create a collaborative culture where business goals get delivered.  

We focus rather a lot on the behaviour and communication skillset of your people.  Our Business Coaching team are clinically trained psychotherapists – skilled and trained to handle workplace behaviour.  What makes us different is that we understand business culture, leadership, management, and the behaviour of human beings in the workplace.  We create high performing individuals and teams by blending leadership, management with human behaviour. When behaviour and communication are effective, and when people are both supported and held accountable,  performance improves.  



We change habits that don’t work and create mindsets that do